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Forest Ice® Elite <BR> Indoor Broomball Shoes


Forest Ice® Elite - Indoor Broomball Shoes
Forest Ice premium indoor broomball shoes. Shoe has a padded ankle support offering added player protection. Due to the sole design (ultra compressed grip pattern), ice surfaces must have minimal ice shavings and snow to maintain superior traction.

Sizes: Available in men's 12
See recommended broomball shoe size and weight chart
Color: Black and Green with Yellow highlights and black sole
Manufactures website: Forest Ice®

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by Aaron
on 3/25/2016
They're like a low-carb strawberry beer. They're...ok.
Don't listen to Bradford, he has a tribal band tattoo.
by Bradford
on 3/24/2015
This is the best shoe. All the negative reviews are from idiots that never heard of super glue. Yes, the top and bottom will separate. But it's very easy to fix. Just keep a bottle or two of Krazy Glue in your bag. Definitely worth it. The bottoms will last forever. I've had mine over 2 years and they still look damn near the same as when I bought them.
by Tim
on 2/25/2015
Great Shoe!
Great shoe, but it also has problems with keeping the upper and lower parts together.  Still it was a great shoe.
by Cargo
on 12/3/2013
Terrible Design
I have the same issues Oleg did with the sole construction.  If you slide on your knees and drag the toe at all it rips the sole right apart from the boot.  If you already have a pair of these, Gorilla Glue is the best way to fix this, because it will expand to fill the crevice without having to tear the sole apart further to get the glue in there.  Even so you will have to redo this every couple of months, so I do not recommend buying them.  

I did not like the way they lace up either, which is difficult to tighten and also led to the laces ripping.  The traction is great and the tread holds up fairly well.  I got a little over a year out of them. They look great too, but overall I do not recommend them due to the egregious design flaws.  
by Oleg
on 12/5/2012
Need to revise my prior Review - Poor Construction
Okay, so I left a relatively positive review.  This was left under the impression that the pair I got simply wasn't put together very well.  I was just happy that the bottom wasn't wearing out like many of my prior shoes that were Acacia and D-Gel.  However, like the first pair, these shoes fell apart.  The grips on the bottom are excellent, but, just like my last pair, the sole separated on the lip and heel.  I've been forced to duct-tape the sole to the shoe to make them even remotely wearable.  I play in a few different leagues, but they didn't even make it through one full session.  I got about 14 games out of them before they started falling apart.  I'm going back to one of the other brands.  It's too much money for such shoddy construction, even if the sole/bottom is nice.  
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