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Blue Ox® Delta Curve Head Only <BR> 5, 10 or 20mm "Curve" Broomball Head


Blue Ox® Delta Curve Head Only - "Curve" Broomball Head
Elevate your wrist shots and passes like never before. The Delta - Curve lets you hit the upper corners of the net at very close range and lift your passes over opponents and their sticks. You can also take your stick handling to the next level by dragging the ball behind you, having better control of hard incoming passes, and keeping the ball centered on the head.

5mm curve head was released September 2017.
10mm curve head was released August 2016.
20mm curve head was the first curved head released in 2015.

  • Curved end - Allows much easier elevation of wrist shots and passes
  • Curve radius matched to ball diameter
  • First 5" are straight to retain backhand passes, flips and edge shots
  • Mid-range multipurpose weight, the best choice for most players
  • Cutting guides lets you easily choose how much to remove.
  • Elevated perimeter for ball control - Ball centered on your head
  • Extra material in critical areas - Extends the lifespan
  • Proprietary polymer blend
  • Ideal combination of weight, flexibility, grip and durability
  • Hint: Blow drier helps soften the head allowing for easier installation
  • Approved for play by USA Broomball and Broomball Canada
  • Weight: 7.1 ounces (201 grams)
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Color: Black, Blue, White, Green, Pink, Yellow & Red

  • Manufactures website: Blue Ox Gear LLC
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