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Blue Ox Mach 1i <BR> Broomball Shoes


Blue Ox Mach 1i Broomball Shoes
The Blue Ox Mach 1i offers premium performance and design for serious players.  Blue Ox elevates your game with traction, durability, protection, and a look you’ll be proud to wear. Our natural and synthetic rubber compound gives you the optimum balance between traction and durability. The outsole construction utilizing microcellular foam molding process enhances traction. Boot construction is double layer for added toe and heel protection. Padded tongue and ankle. Breathable side panels. Removable insole. The Blue Ox Mach 1i shoes are running a HALF SIZE larger than your tennis shoe!

Notes from Blue Ox on 3/15/2018:
1) Our shoes (and probably the others) are almost never at their best traction right out of the box. The "break-in" period provides several changes that improve traction:
a) Mold release lubricants wear off
b) Out sole foam outer skinning wears off. exposing the small pores that give broomball shoes their grip on ice
c) The mid sole softens and forms to your foot shape more evenly distributing your weight and putting a greater percentage of the out sole in contact with the ice
d) The boot becomes more flexible, which in turn lets the out sole flex and conform more
2) Our rubber seems to be significantly longer lasting than our competitors, which also means longer break-in period than many players are used to.
3) The amount of mold release on the out soles varies, altering how long break-in can take pair-to-pair.
4) It typically takes 5-10 games to break in a new pair of Blue Ox shoes (but also sometimes more or less than this range). So if your customers are only giving them a game or two, that won't be enough and their disappointment isn't surprising.
5) Break-in can be accelerated by washing the outsole with soapy water (removing oils) and scrubbing it with a stiff brush (removing the outer skin on the foam).
6) The best grip will almost always come from an older pair of shoes
7) Like any manufactured product there can be process and ingredient variation that cause one pair to perform differently than another
8) The extra support and protection of our shoe makes it stiffer than some competitors, which can reduce traction.

Sizes: Men's 4,5
Color: Black & Blue
Manufactures website: Blue Ox Gear LLC
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by Keith
on 3/28/2018
Your mileage may vary.
My mileage was brief.  

First indoor game of this fall season, I had these brand new.  My very first shot in warm ups, I landed square on my ass.  These were like wearing gym shoes.  

On the bench, one of my teammate's asked me if I was having issues with my shoes.  He asked because he was wearing the same ones, on his third game and he had terrible traction.  At around half, I got tired of being useless on the ice and put my ripped, degraded Acacia Bullets on.  They were miles better and noticeably lighter (probably why they ripped fast).  

Supposedly they need break in time.  So much time that would equal some people's entire season.  I don't have time for that.  Perhaps once they break in, they last a long time and grip well.  I'd rather not be useless on the ice for "5-10 games."  

My D-Gel Grippers worked great about five minutes out of the box, as did the Acacia Bullets.  Now it's a matter of life between the Bullets and Grippers. 
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